Key Factors To Keep In Mind When Designing A Website

Working at a decking lights store and bathroom radiators manufacturer I can tell you first hand having a great website can make or break a business. Later when I had my borehole drilling company and my yoga manchester business, I knew having a great website was even more important than ever. After you decide to make a professional looking website for your business, you might be wondering what web design factors to keep in mind before implementing your decision. Here are four areas you should pay the highest attention from website design manchester expert Eddie Rigsby to consider:

1. Navigation/usability

The ease of surfing through the website to complete a desired action by a visitor is the most significant factor you should keep in mind when designing a site. Navigation normally includes navigation bar or a label list, which differentiates the website pages. Any good web designer lays emphasis on easy navigation when creating sites.

2. Color Scheme

Jane Orman runs a wedding photographer cheshire business and notes “The color combination you are going to use when creating a website is as significant as the usability. You site should have an appealing look and feel. It should not look like a black and white document on an A4 sheet. The ideal color scheme should contain two main colors, and a maximum of 4 to 6 variations of those two colors. The color scheme of the site should at least match the corporate colors of your company.”

3. SEO Friendliness

When creating a website, you must adhere to the basic guidelines of SEO, in order to rank highly on search engine results. There are number of “on site elements” that you have to consider when designing a website. You should have basic knowledge in SEO, or you should consult a reputable web designer.

4. Conversion Funnel

Conversion funnel is the expected navigation path towards the ultimate goal of your website. A good website should have an objective in focus. It might be a sales lead for your online or offline business, or sign up to a newsletter. When designing a site, you should make sure the content is relevant to the expected conversion funnel, and at the same time ensuring the site contains enough tool and resources for the visitor to accomplish the ultimate objective. If you plan to have an international audience, you should consider using a reputable translation service to translate your web content as well. Failing to have the relevant content may result in the visitor leaving your site before completing the goal.

Always aim for quality when building or updating your website. Hiring a professional web design firm will help you launch an incredible, and long lasting website at a low cost.